I'm Eli and I love Allison forever :)
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hey little fighter, things get brighter
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Houndoom by RedScarfGuy01
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This convo lead to this.
And Kakyoin looks like a shit omfg

I know she has green stuff on her but I swear she’s a shiny
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hey guys! after 2 months, the catc pack is finally ready for release! 
you can find the pack here. to use it, type /addcardcast 8YTRA into the chat right after creating your game at this website. that’s it!
but hold on! have your own physical deck of cards at home and want to add this pack to your collection? no problem, you can print off the pack here.
the creaturegroup team spent a lot of time going over your suggestions. we carefully chose ideas that we thought would make for the best game experience! we know how it feels to be stuck playing a ‘boring card’ round and wanted to keep those moments at a minimum.
that being said, we will still be updating the pack! as always, submit your card ideas here. we look forward to it expanding as new videos are released and new references are born!
(p.s. funny moments with the pack? put them in the 'cards against the creatures' tag!)
                                  this couldn’t have been done without you,                                       so much love and many thanks!
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Many Faces of Nova - part 1
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Mishka is so cute! (♥)